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Anoxic Brain Injury – Causes And Treatment

Anoxic Brain Injury Facts

Not many people know what anoxic brain injury is. Some of them may have ever heard about it, but they can’t differentiate the anoxic brain damage with hypoxic brain injury. Whatever it is, brain injury is never a good sign for anyone.

When people are suffering from brain injury, they should be extra careful and have them checked because a brain injury can always affect people’s behaviour, mood, and thinking patterns.

When dealing with anoxic brain injury, it’s better to be cautious rather than being sorry.

Anoxic Brain Injury

Anoxic Brain Injury: What Is It and What Is the Cause?

The anoxic brain injury is the type of brain damage caused by the lack of oxygen. Everyone knows that the brain also needs a good and constant supply of oxygen.

When the brain lacks oxygen, it will suffocate, and it will definitely affect its activities, as well as other body systems activities. Without oxygen, the brain cells can survive only within four minutes.

After that, it’s possible to experience dead brain cells, which isn’t able to revived anymore. This condition also called as hypoxic anoxic brain injury or cerebral hypoxia. When people experience dead brain cells, they may experience problems with their cognitive skills and their other abilities.

Hypoxic anoxic brain injury means that the lack of oxygen is only partial, while the anoxic injury means that the lack of oxygen is complete or total. Well, either way, the ABI will affect the brain and how it functions completely.

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Anoxic Brain Injury: The Main Cause

There’re several causes of ABI. Now that people have understood the ABI definition and learn that oxygen depletion as the main cause, they can learn several reasons why the blood supply blocked to the brain.

  • The blood clot may obstruct the oxygenated blood from reaching the brain.
  • Lung illness can also cause a lack of oxygen. It doesn’t prevent the blood from getting to the brain; the body simply doesn’t have enough oxygen supply that can deliver to the brain.
  • In learning ABI symptoms, doctors need to investigate whether the patients exposed to harmful chemical substances such as carbon monoxide. If they’re exposed to chemical substances, the poison will naturally block the body system from delivering the oxygenated blood to the brain, causing the ABI to happen.


In treating ABI, the first thing to do is to put the patients on a ventilator once the ABI prognosis done.

This ABI treatment aims to provide enough oxygen supply to the brain. By doing so, the patients have a bigger chance to survive and recover. This method may seem frightening, but it’s necessary to do so the family shouldn’t be worried about it.

When the patients’ condition is stable enough, rehabilitation programs can start soon. The most common therapies included in the rehabilitation programs for ABI include:

  • Physical and speech therapy
  • Recreational and occupational therapy
  • Training for adaptive equipment
  • Counselling

When the patients are able to go through these ABI treatments, they will be fine.


  • If people want to prevent ABI or any other brain injuries, they can do these things.
  • Avoid being choked. Choking will obstruct the oxygen supply to the brain.
  • If people don’t know how to swim, learn to do so. Drowning will cause serious oxygen depletion.
  • Don’t get electrocuted because it can stop the heart from beating, causing the oxygen topped pumped to the brain.
  • Watch the children when swimming, including when they’re taking a bath.

Preventing ABI is important if people don’t want to suffer from anoxic brain injury.

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