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Anti Aging Juice Recipes Is Here

2 Anti-Aging Juice Recipes

Anti Aging Juice Recipes

Anti Aging, If your complexion is important to you, and you want younger-looking, softer skin, this is the recipe you’ve been looking for!

Cucumbers and Oranges are the two main ingredients in any juicing recipe dedicated to improving your skin.

Oranges contain more Vitamin C And provide you with the important vitamin C, which will help your skin appear more youthful and vibrant, and in other hand, cucumbers contain silica, that help to boost moisture levels while improving the strength of your skin.

Cucumber holds 95% water content, which grants you hydration advantages.

These are the top 2 recipes for juicing your way.

Anti-Aging Juice: Recipe #1

3 Stalks of Celery

3 Whole Apples
½ Cucumber

1 teaspoon of ginger root

5 Leaves of Kale
1 Lemon
1 Large Orange (peeled)


Dice the cucumber, lemon, ginger root, apples, and celery into small bite-size chunks. Toss them into your juicer.  Next, add the kale and blitz the mixture into smooth. Serve ice cold.

Anti-Aging Juice: Recipe #2

Many things lead to visible aging, especially stress and an abundance of free radicals in your body. By incorporating an anti-oxidant based juice into your diet, you’ll be able to turn back the hands of time so you look and feel younger.

This juice recipe will help reduce the signs of aging, minimize the wrinkles and leave you with healthy skin.


2 cups of blueberries

½ cup of strawberries

1 large leaf Kale

½ small beet

2 cups of water


Blend everything together, starting with the fruits and water. Add in the beet and kale.  Serve with ice.