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Shoulder Blade Pain-Causes And Tips

Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder Blade Pain: It is not an easy task to get rid of shoulder blade pain. This annoying and painful pain causes many bad effects, such as weaker shoulders, poor flexibility, lack of night sleep, and other bad effects.

This pain also gives us certain problems; we might feel unenergetic to do anything that comes to us—no more positive and cheerful life. At work, we keep finding out the best way to place our shoulder because we feel so uncomfortable with this shoulder blade pain that ruins our everyday life.

Now what we need to do is finding out the best and most effective way to deal with this irritating pain. Previously, ones who suffer from shoulder blade are elderly people.

But nowadays, everybody might have a chance to suffer from this pain because what we do every day may lead us to it.

Shoulder Blade Pain

Medical Help

Getting some direct medical help as soon as we suffer from this shoulder blade muscle pain might be very good because we do not have to wait until this pain goes worse and worse.

Discussing this pain with doctors are more beneficial because they are ones who know exactly what we need based on our conditions and experiences. Shoulder pain possibly happens because shoulder has a complicated structure that is formed by many tendons, muscles, and others.

So shoulder can get easily sprained, injured, or strained. After doing lots of works, our shoulder muscles get stressed and full of fatigue then will make a nodule that leads to pain. So, what we need is just preventing the shoulder muscles from getting stressed by having little exercise or stretching.

Some other reasons that cause shoulder blade muscle pain are osteoarthritis, bursa inflammation, tendons, and muscle get stressed, dislocation of joint and rotator cuff syndrome.

Get Rid Of Shoulder Blade Pain

Simple things to get rid of shoulder blade pain are. Get rest, but you still need to focus on how you place your shoulder. When you sit or lay on the bed, you should properly put your shoulder.

If you do not, then rest will be the one that causes shoulder blade muscle pain. Properly place shoulders will give the shoulder little time to get relaxed and to get free of stiffness. One other simple thing is by having ice compression.

Having some ice cubes on a towel wrap and gently massage or shoulder with it might be useful to get the shoulder feel more relaxed. The cold feeling may make the muscles settled down.

You can even fall asleep during this ice compression. You can do this ice compression for about a half-hour. Another easy way is stretching; small effort to get our shoulder relaxed is helpful. You can do it for some minutes and at certain time intervals.

So, shoulder blade muscle pain cannot be dangerous if we want to focus on dealing with this pain. No more postponing exercise or lazy to do some stretching and taking some ice cubes are beneficial tasks that may cause a better future for shoulder blade pain sufferer.

Pain In Your Shoulder Blade?

Pain in the shoulder blade can wreck your day.

It’s unusual how much we use our shoulders for that you don’t recognize until it starts hurting every time you move. I was amazed when I hurt my shoulder last year – I couldn’t carry my backpack, heavy shopping bags, play sports, and some nights even sleeping becomes challenging because you can’t get comfortable.

What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain?

Pain in your shoulder blade can be a bit of a mystery. The shoulder is a very complex joint (the most complex in the human body!) and performs a wide variety of movements in pretty much every direction.

All this complexity means that the joint is prone to damage, wearing out, stress, and trauma. Plus, the shoulder joint is naturally very fragile – there are some large muscle groups on the outside of your shoulder, but also some tiny but very important muscles on the inside, known as the “rotator cuff.”

A rotator cuff is a group of 4 small muscles that hold your shoulder in place. They connect the upper arm, the collar bone, the shoulder blade, and the chest and help them all move in harmony.

Your rotator cuff is often the primary source of shoulder blade pain, usually because it gets damaged during sport or an accident. Or wears out or becomes irritated through frequent use (like regularly carrying heavy shopping bags or performing repetitive actions like a baseball pitcher).


Here are a few suggestions for helping combat pain in your shoulder blade.

  • Try not to move it – this might sound obvious, but many people try to carry on as usual with shoulder pain, without realizing that this prolongs the condition. Give it a few days proper rest – no carry, no overarm movements, nothing heavy on your back at all.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medication – the best time is before bed if you’re having trouble sleeping. Anti-inflammatories control the swelling in your shoulder blade, which is causing some of the pain, and they also help numb the pain itself. So a good idea all round (but remember always to read the label!).
  • Consider using a sling – if your pain in your shoulder blade is terrible, you could get a sling to wear on that side, so your arm doesn’t move and the weight taken off your shoulder joint. This can sometimes be a good idea for very painful shoulder blade conditions for the first few days, but it’s important not to start to rely on the sling for too long. You don’t want your shoulder to get used to not having to do any work!

Once the pain starts to subside, or after a few days of rest, you can begin doing stretches to help loosen your shoulder and then exercises to strengthen the small muscles inside your shoulder joint that attaches to the shoulder blade.


These are 3 Top shoulder blade muscle pain tips for anyone suffering from stubborn pain in the shoulder.

  • Rest – the best shoulder pain tip I can give you is to REST. So many people try to shrug it off as nothing and jump straight back into vigorous activities, contact sports, weight training, or even just carrying heavy shopping bags!

It’s important that you take it easy and give the inflammation in your shoulder a chance to heal.

  • Ice – Speaking of inflammation, it is a significant cause of your pain. Your shoulder swells and stiffens, and that means bits inside your shoulder rub into each other and get inflamed and sore.
  • Apply a pack of ice to the painful areas of your shoulder twice a day (morning and evening) for 10-20 minutes. Don’t apply ice directly to the skin. You don’t want a free burn!
  • Stretch – After a few days or a week or so of icing and not using your shoulder. It may have seized up a bit. Start to loosen up your shoulder by doing some (very) gentle stretches.

Stretch up, down, left, and right. Rotate your arm very carefully, and try to reach behind you as far as you can. This will help prepare your shoulder for getting back to regular activity.

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