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Tonsil Cancer – Symptoms And Treatment

Tonsil cancer refers to cancer that emerges around the head as well as neck areas. It is more common in the oropharynx, which consists of the last part of the tongue. The soft part moving up the back portion of the mouth roof, the actual tonsils, or just the throat back wall.

Tonsil Cancer

Tonsil Cancer – Risk Factors

As with most cancers associated with the oral cavity. The main risk emanates from smoking as well as drinking alcohol either singly or together. The HPV or human papillomavirus has thought to cause this cancer.

HPV is of different types and have been known to cause cancers of the cervix, vulva, penis, vagina, and anus of human beings. The one which causes problems in the throat has identified to be the HPV16 type of virus.

Researchers over the years have been struggling and working hard to identify how HPV passed on. They have always suspected it could be due to oral sex but also feel it could be passed on due to mouth to mouth kissing and in many other ways.

Symptoms and Basic Knowledge

It is important that you find out the symptoms if you’re suspecting that you might have a tonsil cancer. Most folks who are suspecting that they might have a tonsil cancer commonly concern about whether or not they will be appropriately diagnosed and therefore get the needed treatment.

This is mostly because tonsillar cancer is quite a rare disease that requires thorough examinations. That is the reason why so you can make sure that you got proper diagnosis and treatment. You should learn more about tonsil cancer disease.

Learning about tonsil cancer disease is highly recommended for people who are finding out if they’re having symptoms of tonsil cancer.

Common Symptoms

Before you take the further examination to make sure tonsil cancer symptoms, there are a few common symptoms of tonsil cancer you should be aware of:

  • The most common symptom is a noticeable growth in the throat and also ear pain which does not go after several antibiotic treatments.
  • There might also be a constant and extremely dry irritation of the throat, along with difficulty in swallowing foods.
  • The sufferers may also experience fatigue for one or two weeks, followed by a swollen lymph node that usually happens on the right side of their neck.
  • It usually also comes with a swollen neck and a little bit of a fever.

These symptoms commonly are gone in a few days, yet the lymph node may remain swollen. You must not ignore if you’re finding out if they’re having tonsil cancer symptoms.

The Cause of Tonsil Cancer

If you happen to be finding out whether or not your experiencing tonsil cancer symptoms, it’s advisable that you learn more about tonsil cancer disease beforehand. An essential part of learning about tonsil cancer disease is the cause of tonsillar cancer.

As you’ve may be aware of, people who are suspecting that you might have a tonsil cancer would wish to make sure that you got proper diagnosis and treatment. Complete knowledge about the causes of the disease helps you avoid yourself from having it.

Therefore, if you would like to find out the signs, you should find out the cause of tonsil cancer as well.

How to Get the Best Treatment

As said earlier, taking the further examination to ensure the symptoms of tonsil cancer recommended. If you happen to be suspecting that you might have a tonsil cancer. Even so, to make sure that you got proper diagnosis and treatment.

Since tonsillar cancer is quite a rare disease that requires thorough examinations, you might concern about whether or not your physician will properly diagnose them.

That is why learning about tonsil cancer disease should be somewhat beneficial because full comprehension of the disease gives you proper knowledge on how to get the best treatment.

Therefore, if you wish to find out the symptoms, then you must also learn more about tonsil cancer disease.

The Treatment Options

There are three options for treatment of this condition. You can go for surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy. Now the main point to all this is early detection. In its milder form, you can try out radiotherapy or surgery to cure the condition.

Still, if it is at an advanced stage, then chemotherapy may be the only solution to eliminate the source of cancer from its roots and to prevent any recurrence.

Depending on the stage, a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy may advise by the physician. The attempt will be made to shrink the cancer growth and once that is achieved, it can be removed through surgery as well.

Advanced stage cancer can cause much pain, and there will be bleeding. The patient will have problems swallowing and will consequently start losing weight due to poor food intake.

A liquid diet will certainly not help in mitigating the condition as that is not a sustainable option for over some time.

Researchers are also looking at other treatment options like photodynamic therapy. This involves the intake of a drug that attaches itself to the cancer cells, and upon receiving the right light wavelength, it kills the cancer cells.

Success of Treatment

It depends on several factors like the extent of cancer growth, whether it has spread to the lymph glands, whether it has managed to find its way into other parts of the body, and so on.

Surgery, too, will depend on the site as well as the size of cancer. Laser surgery, for instance, is effective and can be done with local anaesthesia.


Tonsil cancer, like other cancers, needs to be detected early enough for its treatment. Prevention through abstinence from smoking, drinking, and other forms of imbibing tobacco will go a long way.

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Chemotherapy For Tonsil Cancer

Chemotherapy is the process of the use of various anti-cancer drugs to treat any cancer. Chemo isn’t always a preferred mode of tonsil cancer treatment.

Still, the latest advancements in medicine have shown that chemotherapy. When combined with radiotherapy, can prove to be a beneficial mode of treatment. Chemotherapy use in the pre-op state for tonsil cancer treatment.

It is administered before surgery because it helps in reducing the actual size of cancer or the tumour. Some of the most common chemotherapy drugs are Cisplatin and Fluorouracil.

Radiotherapy For Tonsil Cancer

Radiotherapy is another treatment option. Generally, its use for somewhat aggressive tonsil cancers. It can be a single mode of treatment for small cancer. It can also use to treat more aggressive tonsil cancer in pre-op or post-op, and lastly,

If the cancer is terminal, then it can only be used to reduce its painful effects. Radiotherapy for treating tonsil cancer is also of two types: internal radiotherapy and external radiotherapy.

The internal one is used for small cancers, while the external one is used in case of larger cancers that need radiotherapy to neutralize cancer after every few weeks. Internal radiotherapy is also known as brachytherapy.


If cancer diagnosed in its early stage, then when it is still a tumor, surgery is the most viable possibility. Surgery is done to completely remove the tumor from the oropharynx.

The kind of surgery you will need depends on the size of the tumor. For small-sized tumors, easy surgery is needed, but for large-sized tumors, threatening surgeries with painful post-ops required.

If cancer has moved your tongue or wall of the throat, the operation to restore it is needed. It restored from tissues taken from some other part of your body.


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